A January Wedding

Toward the end of last year I was honoured to be asked by some friends to photograph their January wedding, and I almost said no. Hannah sweetly changed my mind by being encouraging and insisting that she wanted my photography and am I ever so glad that she did! 

Kicking off the year by not only being able to witness one of the most simple, beautiful and authentic weddings - but being able to document it as well, was such a highlight.  

Photography is a hobby that I am passionate about but taking on wedding photography, even for friends, felt like a huge step to take and even up until the day I had doubts about what the results would be. I managed to coerce another friend, Chiara, into shooting alongside me and I think we both could have spent many hours longer creating and documenting. 

Being able to say that I have been a wedding photographer for a day feels rather victorious, and being able to say that I am proud of the end result is even more so!